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ionet Project Update: Internal Tests and Future Plans

  • Internal tests for IO nodes are 90% completed.
  • Filecoin is currently booked by a single client.
  • Render nodes will be tested in the next several weeks.


You may have been wondering why there are differing utilization rates for IO, Render, and Filecoin supplier categories. This is because the IO Team has been conducting internal tests on the nodes across the platform in rotation:

IO: Internal tests are ~90% completed. Filecoin: Booked by a single client. Render: Coming soon – In the next several weeks, the IO Team will be conducting tests with Render nodes.

We’re grateful to all of you for joining early as we continue to improve our platform during our beta phase! We’d appreciate your feedback, which you can share on (channel) If you need any technical support, submit a ticket on (channel)

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