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Join the Arkreen SmartPlug Test for a Sustainable Future and Eco-Friendly Journey

  • Purchase a remote miner and test it with a six-month trial license to be eligible for the Smart Plug test.
  • Make sure to complete your rank profile settings on Arkreen RANK and be an active and positive user on social media.

@everyone 📢 Exciting Opportunity Alert! 🚀

Hey Arkreen Community! We're thrilled to announce that we're selecting five active community members for a friendly test of our new miner, the "Smart Plug." See detailed document 👉 https://docs.arkreen.com/overview/miner/consumption/smart-plug/

👉Here's how you can participate and be eligible:👈

🌟 Qualification Requirements: 1️⃣ Purchase one remote miner upon wallet verification. 2️⃣ Continuously test the miner with a six-month trial license. 3️⃣ We'll provide one Smart Plug hardware and cover the delivery fee.

🌟Selection Criteria: 1️⃣ Must be a current leaderboard player on Arkreen RANK(https://testconsole.arkreen.com/#/rank). 2️⃣ Complete your rank profile settings (including Twitter account, profile image, flag, etc.).(https://testconsole.arkreen.com/#/settings) 3️⃣ Be a positive user on social media (Twitter or Discord) - post or send messages within this month (September). 4️⃣ Reply to this tweet with a screenshot of your position in RANK to confirm your successful registration

We'll choose five active community members from our registered list and announce them on ⏰September 30th at 18:00 (UTC+0). We'll coordinate deliveries by ⏰October 7th, with the first five smart plugs available for user-friendly testing before ⏰October 15th.

🚨 IMPORTANT: Once selected, wallet verification will be conducted by requesting the purchase of a remote miner using the same wallet.

Get ready to join us on this exciting journey! Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for being part of the Arkreen community. 🌟 #ArkreenCommunity #SmartPlugTest #depin #ReFi #sustainablefuture #RenewableEnergy

For more info, check here👉 https://medium.com/@arkreen/join-arkreen-smartplug-test-for-a-sustainable-future-and-an-eco-friendly-journey-its-free-acd9715ebb61


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