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Join the GreenBTC Club for a Sustainable Bitcoin Era

  • GreenBTC is greening the Bitcoin Genesis block for a sustainable future.
  • The GreenBTC Club is a public good dedicated to creating a sustainable Bitcoin ecosystem.

@everyone 🌐 In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto birthed #Bitcoin Genesis block on a small server in Helsinki, Finland, initiating the crypto era. 🚀 Fast forward to Nov 2023, GreenBTC is greening the way forward, starting with the BTC Genesis block. 🌿 Join us in forging a sustainable and Carbon-zero Bitcoin era! 🌍💚

GreenBTC Club Blog here 👉https://medium.com/@arkreen/greenbtc-club-a-public-good-for-a-sustainable-bitcoin-ecosystem-3778000971ea

Twitter link here: 👉https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1729381862467105080?s=20

#GreenBTC2023 #BTC #genesisblock #SatoshiNakamoto

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