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Last Chance to Vote on HIP 92: Premine Rewards for Hotspot Owners

  • Voting for HIP 92 closes in 24 hours
  • Proposal aims to correct coding errors in premine reward distribution

@Community @veIOT Voter

24hrs left for HIP 92 voting! 🗳️🎈

  • Based on the specifications in Helium Docs, and in HIP 52, all Hotspots that were active, not on the denylist, and earned rewards from either beaconing, witnessing or passing rewardable data, were supposed to receive the IOT pre-mine at the migration.

  • This HIP proposes to correct for a coding error that left out all "Data Only" Hotspots, as well as an error in the selection process during the migration, which missed some active Hotspots with PoC rewards.

  • If passed, the community requests the Helium Foundation to create a multisig that will be used to automatically distribute premine rewards to all Hotspot owners who did not receive the rewards. This process is defined in (channel).

If you have locked IoT, this is your last chance to vote for this proposal in the Helium Network. 🗳️https://realms.heliumvote.com/dao/iot

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