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Launch of HIP74 and HIP85 on Mainnet

  • HIP74 and HIP85 updates are now live on the mainnet
  • Proof-of-Coverage rewards will be affected by these changes
  • Mobile rewards on https://planner.hellohellium.com will reflect the new HIP74/85 calculations after the end of the current reward period

@5G Owner HIP74 and HIP85 are Launched on the Mainnet HIP74/HIP85 changes are launched on the mainnet and will affect the Proof-of-Coverage rewards starting the current reward cycle.

https://planner.hellohellium.com will reflect the actual MOBILE rewards based on HIP74/85 after the end of the reward period today (1 am UTC).

Please continue reporting any issues related to Modeled Coverage and PoC rewards at https://freedomfi.com/contact-us/

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