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MASQ Browser v0.8.4 Update: Enhanced Security and Improved User Experience

  • Electron was updated to address security vulnerabilities.
  • The Metamask extension improved its functionality for new tab actions.
  • Various user interface elements were updated and connection logic was optimized for better performance.

@everyone 📣 New Version!: MASQ Browser v0.8.4 is here! 📣

MASQ browser has been updated to latest version of Electron to incorporate latest CVE security patches from Chromium

🏆 Features

  • Metamask extension now properly handles new tab actions

👏 Improvements

  • Serving Panel UI updated
  • Node hop and Country Flag UI elements correctly display 'OFF' and 'Open Browsing' states
  • Connection Logic optimisation
  • Using Manual Node IDs will pass into connections
  • Updated browser extensions life-cycle

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed intermittent issues with Blank Screen after login
  • Resolved header modal pop-up views

Get the MASQ Browser app now on https://www.masqbrowser.com/

Thanks for your support everyone, it's been a great period of growth for the project of recent. Let's continue building together

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