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MetaBlox New Year Giveaway Winners Announcement

  • The winners of the MetaBlox New Year Giveaway on Zealy have been announced.
  • The top 5 participants with the highest XP are Alexiscool, lozef_K112, Mubbyrama, SAMOFF, and Lockme.


. πŸŽ‰We are thrilled to announce the winners of the MetaBlox New year Giveaway on Zealy!

πŸ†Top 5:

  1. Alexiscool (13215 XP)
  2. lozef_K112 (10940 XP)
  3. Mubbyrama (5015 XP)
  4. SAMOFF (4990 XP)
  5. Lockme (4890 XP)

Congratulations! To claim your prizes, please DM the admins. Thank you everyone for participating @everyone

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