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Metablox Connect 4 Tournament: Register Now for a Chance at Victory!

  • Register your Discord ID using the provided Google form to participate in the Connect 4 tournament.
  • Follow the instructions in the designated channel to play the game and compete against opponents.

@everyone *Hello again, Metablox Community! *

Missed our first day of the Gartic game Tournament? Fret not! Join us for the second round of exciting challenges! 🏆 We are hosting Connect 4 tournament!!

Rules: To participate in the tournament, please register your Discord ID using our Google form.

A tournament bracket will be posted prior to the event, and you will need to defeat your opponents to claim the ultimate reward!

🏟️ Game Venue The game's main action unravels here, in our (channel) channel! Follow our instruction in the channel during the game!

Prize Pool: The winner of the day will secure a direct prize of 10 USDT! 💰

⏲️ Date and time: t:1698084000:F- t:1698087600:F

🏟️ Where to Play: Make your way to (channel) for the Connect 4 Tournament face-off. All game-related discussions will take place there, please follow the instructions in the chat room during the tournament. Each player will be divided into different room to play the game.

✅ Registration: Make sure to register for the tournament in advance by visiting https://forms.gle/Nte3NpczCkcBVug17, form will be closing at t:1698080400:F

It's not too late to join the fun and have a shot at victory! Register promptly, put on your strategic cap, and clinch the top spot. Good luck, commanders! 🏆

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