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Mobile PoC Rewards Delayed for Helium's Project "Helium"

  • Helium is experiencing a delay in Mobile PoC rewards due to an ongoing issue with Modeled Coverage generation.
  • Users who have fulfilled all Mobile PoC requirements should open a support ticket for manual assistance.

@5G Owner Missing Mobile PoC rewards due to issue with Modeled Coverage

The engineering team is investigating the issue with the generation of Modeled Coverage for some CBRS and Wi-Fi radios. This issue does impact MOBILE PoC rewards.

If you meet all the Mobile PoC requirements https://docs.helium.com/mobile/proof-of-coverage but don't get the PoC rewards, please open a support ticket at https://freedomfi.com/contact-us/ The support team will manually attempt to trigger the generation of Modeled Coverage for your radio.

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