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More Time Credits and Extra TC Purchase Announcement

  • Purchase a Driving License for $99 to receive 25 Time Credits (TC) instead of 10TC.
  • Existing driving license holders will receive additional TC as compensation.

Get More Complimentary TC When You Purchase a Drive Pass!

Greetings @everyone!

Starting January 1, 2024, you'll receive more Time Credits (TC) when you purchase a Driving License for $99. Instead of the usual 10TC bonus, you'll get 25TC with your purchase! 🌟 That's more than double the TC so you can drive for hours the moment you purchase a driving license.

For users who already hold a driving license, no worries - we will be granting additional TC to compensate for this change. 🎁

Additional TC Purchase

Along with this change, we’re introducing adjustments to the purchase of extra Time Credits. Starting on the same day, you'll have the flexibility to acquire additional TC with a minimum bundle of 4TC for $5β€”equivalent to a full hour of driving in the open world. There will be no changes in how TCs are spent. Each mission will still consume 1TC for a 15-minute drive in the open world.

Considering the upcoming changes, it might be a good opportunity to explore getting TCs before the update takes effect.

If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to open a (channel). 🎫

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