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New Helium Network Proposals for IoT and Mobile Networks

  • Proposal HIP 101 seeks to boost the deployment of Wi-Fi by increasing rewards for hotspots.
  • HIP 102 proposes a free data transfer service on the Helium IoT Network for educational and experimental purposes.
  • HIP 103 aims to improve network coverage in high-traffic areas and incentivize users through the introduction of a new Footfall Oracle.


New IOT and MOBILE Network proposals are now open for discussion.πŸ—£οΈ

Here’s a quick summary of the HIPs being explored. πŸ‘‡

HIP 101 proposes increasing Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) rewards for Wi-Fi Indoor and Outdoor Hotspots to accelerate the rollout of Wi-Fi. Implementation of this HIP will involve updating variables in the Mobile Oracle to calculate Wi-Fi PoC rewards using a new reward points scheme.

HIP 102 proposes a dedicated LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) for educational and trial use on the Helium IoT Network, operating under the Helium Foundation's Type 6 NetID (0xC00053). The key feature of this LNS is to offer free data transfer services for educational, trial, and experimental purposes.

HIP 103 proposes improving the value of network coverage by incentivizing users to deploy radios in areas where Oracles have determined the highest footfall traffic occurs. It discusses how Oracle Boosting rewards are calculated and creates a new Footfall Oracle, which incentivizes these deployments.

HIP 104 proposes to modify HIP17's hex density-based transmit reward scaling, focusing on addressing the increased hotspot density in urban areas. The key objective is to enhance the share of rural areas in the reward pool, with the broader goal of improving the overall coverage of the Helium network.

HIP 105 proposes limiting the amount of Modeled Coverage Points issued for redundant coverage between Wi-Fi and CBRS.

Conversations are happening now in Discord. Share your perspective, and let’s talk about it!

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