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New Language Channels and Twitter Accounts for 4everland Project

  • 4everland has added new language channels in Discord and Telegram: français, español, and indonesia.
  • Users can follow the corresponding Twitter accounts for each language to earn 30 points.

Hey @everyone! 👋

Noticed those new language vibes on Discord and Telegram? Yep, we're talking about français, español, and indonesia channels.

We’ve got Twitter accounts to match these vibes: Indonesia: https://twitter.com/4everland_ID Français: https://twitter.com/4everland_FR Español: https://twitter.com/4everland_ES

Fancy giving them a follow? Do it and snag yourself 30 points. Snap a screenshot of your 'following' page, and you're set.

Submit and claim your points right here: https://app.dework.xyz/4everland-dao/community-task?taskId=1241b640-908c-4cd4-8410-2b8dc8a143a2

Keen on getting updates in your language? React with the emoji that fits your groove below. Check out our global squads: Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese.

👇 Dive in and don't miss a beat!

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