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PiPhi Update - Testing Phase and Mainnet Launch

  • Testing has begun for the new PiPhi software, and they are looking for Pioneer members to assist in the testing phase.
  • The project is on track for a mainnet launch in Q1 2024.

Happy Weekend @everyone! Head over and check out the (channel) channel as we have updated the document with the latest reward calculations and some new features.

The Dev team is finalizing the new software and testing has begun. We'll be looking for a couple @Pioneer members to help with the testing. We're excited about some new sensor integrations and we're now on the way to our mainnet launch.

It's been a long road and many of you have been here since the beginning. Things are starting to turn around in web3 and we're hopeful that the decisions we've made and the extra time spent on the software updates will be well-received by the community.

Some of you have pointed out that the price of the license has fluctuated and for many, the price has come down since you joined. Please keep in mind that price fluctuates with supply and demand and that will contine to be the case moving forward. For those that were here in the beginning, you've had the benefit of earning rewards based on the old formula. All of the tokens you've earned will convert to mainnet tokens.

We'll continue to run promotions and we're working on some exciting partnerships to help grow the community and to bring visibility to our project. We're looking at Q1 of 2024 for mainnet launch and we're more confident that ever that we'll be able to meet that goal. As has been the case all along, if something isn't right with the software, we adjust. We're here for the long haul! This isn't a sprint, this is a marathon. We're focused on getting the software right and creating a product that you want to use. This is all coming together and we're hopeful that you'll agree the wait was worth it!

Thanks all for your support! Have a great weekend!

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