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Qualification Survey for Golem GPU Provider Beta Testers

  • Participate in the qualification survey to potentially become a beta tester for Golem's GPU Provider project.
  • Join the Golem Marketplace and be part of the AI revolution.
  • Utilize your hardware, earn income, and enhance your technical skills.


We're happy to announce that we are conducting a Qualification Survey to identify potential Beta Testers for the GPU Provider project! 🚀 If you qualify, you’ll be among the very first to put our minimum-viable-product (MVP) to the test!

📋 What's In the Survey?

We want to know more about your equipment, background, and expectations to ensure you're a great fit for our GPU provider Beta Testing Program. Your insights will also help to shape the future of the project!

✨Why Participate?

  • Join the Golem Marketplace: Get involved in the world of decentralized computing and the Golem Network marketplace.
  • Be Part of the AI Revolution: Contribute to the AI revolution by actively shaping the future of the GPU Provider project.
  • Earn Sharing Resources: Utilize your hardware to generate income while contributing to the project development.
  • Technical Education and Development: Enhance your technical skills and broaden your knowledge.

👉 Dive into the survey here: https://qkjx8blh5hm.typeform.com/to/ABlPv3R0

We can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you! If you have any questions or need further information, drop them here: https://discord.com/channels/684703559954333727/1136987885485170708 🚀💡

Looking forward to your valuable insights! 👏

PS: 🤔When will GPU Provider Beta Testing start? 📅 We haven't set a date yet. We are testing GPU Provider internally right now. We will inform you in advance about the start date of the beta tests. Stay tuned!

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