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Support Needed for MASQ Grant Proposal in Village Buidl Program

  • MASQ has submitted a grant proposal with Polygon Labs for funding.
  • Votes are needed to become one of the top supported projects and qualify for the final grant awards.


Calling for your Support

I submitted a grant proposal for MASQ with Polygon Labs in their Village Buidl #1 program, which can greatly help us with funding for development & marketing! (especially gearing up for 2024)

We need your votes, so we can make it into the top supported projects on the Jokerace submissions, so Polygon can qualify us in the final grant awards!!


Please also spread this far and wide on X, to support our cause 🙏🏼 https://twitter.com/MASQ_ai/status/1735328842154160254

Its a small MATIC gas fee for Polygon wallets to be able to vote - 100,000 active Polygon wallets are able to vote, so please head over to try and vote and show us your support!

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