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Tableland Discord Notification Update: November Community Props Report šŸ™Œ

  • @akin successfully completed the first mission, as posted on Twitter.
  • @sunosuporno's gas improvements/optimizations for smart contracts earned them the @Sage role.
  • @Nick20101 won a prize at the Open Data Hackathon for their work on the Tableland Attestation Service (TAS).

November community props report šŸ™Œ

  • Congratulations to @akin for successfully completing the first mission! Here was his post (ICYMI): https://twitter.com/AkinSawyerr/status/1717882010633441312?s=20
  • Thank you @sunosuporno for identifying gas improvements/optimizations for our smart contracts. You've been boosted to the @Sage role šŸ«”
  • Shout out @Nick20101 who has built numerous prototypes with Tableland and recently won a prize at the Open Data Hackathon for his work on the Tableland Attestation Service (TAS): https://mirror.xyz/tableland.eth/1fpV4g19Evekq2RPWq6BYEF82_8yf9bF_8xXnBuKioA Lastly, we've added a new section in The Garage, under Stats, to publish a live FT leaderboard feed. The top 15 contributors/addresses are shown there for extra street cred.

Thank you @everyone for supporting Rigs, Tableland, and this growing ecosystem. The team has been deep in research and prototyping for the next phase of our protocol and network. We're grateful for all of your support. šŸ™ āš” šŸ’„ šŸš€

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