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Tableland Project Weeknotes - September 22, 2023

  • SNARKs scalability is being improved with updates.
  • Postgres streaming protocols are being applied in various applications.
  • Cap’n Proto is being explored for its role in the project and its benefits.

We're excited today to kick-off our public Weeknotes feed. Weeknotes are a common form of sharing weekly progress, udpates, and insights from development projects. Our first entry, just published, touches on topics we explore internally, including scalability of SNARKs, applications of Postgres streaming protocols, Cap’n Proto, the evolving landscape of Homomorphic Hashing and more.

We warmly invite you to read our first Weeknotes and to engage with our team during our weekly research office hours for deeper discussions and insights into the fascinating world of decentralized technology.

Read it here: https://tableland.substack.com/p/weeknotes-september-22-2023


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