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Tableland Weeknotes: Postgres Replication, ETHOnline Wrap-Up, and Studio Progress

  • @avichalp shares insights on implementing Postgres logical replication in Rust.
  • @dtb_ provides a recap of the ETHOnline event.
  • @jkosem discusses the ongoing user research efforts to advance the Studio.

Fresh off the press, this Weeknotes edition features:

  • Postgres Logical Replication in Rust by @avichalp
  • Wrapping up ETHOnline by @dtb_
  • Progressing the Studio with more user research by @jkosem
  • Optimism Goerli fixes in the SDK by @dtb_ Hope you find value in these insights! 🫡

P.S. We've launched a Tableland Telegram Channel for Weeknotes and other communications. Feel free to join us there for additional lines! https://t.me/tablelandxyz @everyone

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