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Update on t4ever Token and Exchange Process

  • The t4ever token is temporary and has no liquidity added by the official team on swap platforms.
  • Trading of t4ever is community-driven, so users should be cautious of the associated risks.

Hi @everyone 👋

We'd like to take a moment to clarify some details about the t4ever token.

Firstly, t4ever is a temporary token and we, the official team, haven't added liquidity for it on any swap platforms. All current trading of t4ever is community-driven, so please be aware of the risks involved.

Secondly, once the official 4ever token is launched, there will be a 1:1 exchange channel available to convert your t4ever tokens into the official 4ever tokens.

Please exercise caution and due diligence when trading. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!🫡

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