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Update: WeatherXM Discord Notification - Important Network Setup and Token Claiming Instructions

  • Ensure that you have the correct network setup on Metamask (desktop and mobile users).
  • Follow the instructions to add the WXM token in Metamask.
  • Refer to the guide for claiming your rewards and option to claim on desktop if facing mobile bugs.

@everyone We just updated our documentation and added a Add the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet Manually section.

We have observed multiple users who have added a wrong network in Metamask and therefore get some errors.

1. Please ensure that you have the correct network setup on Metamask: Desktop users - https://docs.weatherxm.com/wallet/how-to-join-arbitrum-and-see-your-tokens#using-arbiscan Mobile users - https://docs.weatherxm.com/wallet/how-to-join-arbitrum-and-see-your-tokens#add-the-arbitrum-sepolia-testnet-manually

  1. Afterwards follow these instructions to add the WXM token in Metamask: https://docs.weatherxm.com/wallet/how-to-join-arbitrum-and-see-your-tokens#add-wxm-token-in-metamask

  2. And then follow this guide on how to claim your rewards: https://docs.weatherxm.com/project/rewards-claiming If you come across any bugs in mobile, you can always claim directly on desktop by visiting https://claim.weatherxm.com

Important note: You must have some testnet ETH in your wallet in order to proceed with claiming. If you don't, you can get some for free from the faucet: https://arbitrum-faucet.com/

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