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Voting Deadline Approaching for HIP 85 and 93 on Helium Discord

  • HIP 85 aims to reward unique coverage by providing more Modeled Coverage PoC points.
  • HIP 93 focuses on the addition of Wi-Fi access points to enhance network coverage and performance, particularly indoors.

24hrs left for HIP 85 and 93 voting! 🎈

  • HIP 85 proposes to reward unique coverage with more Modeled Coverage PoC points than redundant and overlapping coverage. This HIP only applies to outdoor radios.

  • HIP 93 outlines important aspects of adding Wi-Fi access points to the Helium Mobile Network, potentially increasing network coverage and performance, especially for indoor environments.

✅ Cast your veMOBILE vote now at: https://realms.heliumvote.com/dao/mobile

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