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Voting for HIPs 98 and 105 Temporarily Canceled

  • Voting for HIPs 98 and 105 has been temporarily canceled.
  • The Helium Foundation will work with the authors to correct the proposals.

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Voting for HIPs 98 and 105 is temporarily canceled.

Due to some incorrect text in the vote descriptions for HIPs 98 and 105, these proposals are being withdrawn from live voting. As stewards of the Helium Network, The Helium Foundation has decided to cancel the votes based on feedback from community members and the authors of these HIPs. The Foundation team will work with the authors to correct the HIPs and bring them back for voting in the coming weeks. Please ignore results in the Governance tab of the Wallet app and on the Helium Vote website.

Voters can continue to vote on HIP 103 and HIP 106.

HIP 103: https://heliumvote.com/mobile/proposals/45KakF8bf5K2t5eSj1iZGNYjD2qcCy5VgZZ2XUPXnE4X

HIP 106: https://heliumvote.com/iot/proposals/CBDNEgZiXqPYGpLQrMNZnJtKwbDuBDG6csAhPpBVDZNV

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