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Voting Open for Standardized EU868 Frequency Plan in African Regions

  • HIP 100 proposes switching the frequency plan in African regions from EU433 to EU868 for LoRaWAN.
  • The proposal aims to standardize the frequency plan across the continent, improve regulatory compliance, and enhance network efficiency.

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Voting Now Open for HIP 100 to Deploy the EU868 Region Plan in Africa! 🎈

⌛ You have 7 days to cast your vote: https://realms.heliumvote.com/dao/IOT

HIP 100 proposes the provisional assignment of countries in Africa with unspecified and EU433 plans to the EU868 frequency plan. The shift to EU868 for LoRaWAN aims to standardize the frequency plan across the continent.

Key points:

  • Proposes this change in alignment with guidance from local regulatory authorities like the Africa Telecoms Union (ATU) and practices of local deployers.
  • Acknowledges the current lack of specific regional parameters or harmonization defined for some countries by the LoRa Alliance.
  • Addresses the issue where EU433 is currently the only or primary frequency plan in these areas, proposing a switch by the Helium Network to EU868.
  • Aims to enhance regulatory compliance and efficiency in the region's LoRaWAN network deployments.

If this proposal passes, it will lead to the standardization of the EU868 frequency plan for LoRaWAN across many African regions, aligning them with international standards and improving the interoperability of IoT devices in the region. Additionally, it will necessitate updates to existing infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, requiring coordination with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure compliance and successful implementation.

If you own veIOT, you can now vote for the future of the Helium Network in Africa. 🗳️

⏳ Voting stays open for the next seven days and uses veIOT. https://realms.heliumvote.com/dao/IOT

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