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Wayru WiFi Update: Enhanced Onboarding, NFNode Minting, and More!

  • NFNode minting is now available, allowing users to mint their own NFNodes on the platform.
  • Genesis and third-party WayruOS-compatible devices can now be onboarded, expanding the range of devices compatible with the platform.
  • The introduction of new filters in the community and leaderboard makes browsing easier for users.

We're thrilled to announce that our latest Wayru WiFi app update enables onboarding for our proprietary Genesis router and 3 third-party devices. Plus, the much-anticipated NFNode minting is now a reality! This marks a significant milestone for us.

We invite you to update your app, give it a spin, and share all your valuable feedback with us. Your insights help us enhance your Wayru WiFi experience.

⚠️ Update Alert! The latest Wayru WiFi release is here 👇

🔒 **NFNodes Minting:**NFNodes are available for mint. 🚀 **Hotspot Operators:**Onboard Genesis and third-party WayruOS-compatible devices. 🔍 **Enhanced Filters:**New filters in community and leaderboard for easy browsing. 🐛 **Bug Fixes:**Enhanced WiFi network accuracy, faster map loading. 🎯 **Mission Rewards:**Complete missions and earn rewards. 💰 **Claim Rewards:**Easily claim rewards for validating, sharing, and hotspot usage.

Upgrade 🔗 https://onelink.to/9v3qe3

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