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WeatherXM iOS App Update - Version 1.9.0 Release

  • WeatherXM iOS app has released version 1.9.0 with new features.
  • Users can now enjoy enhanced convenience with widgets.
  • The app has also implemented auto-centering based on the user's country in the explorer feature, along with a refreshed icon and splash screen.

@everyone iOS App Update November 2, 2023 - We released a new version - 1.9.0. Please go to the following link to update your app: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/weatherxm/id1629841929

Release Notes:

  • Widgets!
  • Auto-centering on the user’s country on the explorer when possible
  • Updated App icon and splash screen
  • Fixes and improvements

Notes: It might take some time until the App Store gives you the option to update to the new version. Web App Update Template

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