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Wingbits Store is Now Open to Everyone!

  • The SkyHex store is now accessible to all users.
  • Hexes are locked during the checkout process but can be easily unlocked by pressing back on the checkout page.
  • How-to guides are being developed, but users can refer to the helpful guides created by @gristleking and @!simeononsecurity.com in the meantime.

The SkyHex store is now open to everyone! 🚀

The hexes are locked for you during the checkout process for 1h. If you change your mind during the checkout process, just press back from the checkout page to unlock the hexes. Otherwise, the hexes will continue to be locked for 1h

We're currently working on creating how-to guides. In the meantime, massive shoutout to @gristleking for creating this amazing guide which we recommend using for now! Guide here --> https://gristleking.com/a-rough-guide-to-wingbits/ and to @!simeononsecurity.com for this guide if you're using your DeFli setup: https://simeononsecurity.com/other/effortless-dual-mining-wingbits-defli-guide/

Welcome to the network @everyone! ✈️ 🎉

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