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Phase 1 Launch: Join Nosana's Incentivized Public GPU Test Grid

  • Nosana's Incentivized Public GPU Test Grid will launch Phase 1 on December 1st, offering participants the opportunity to earn rewards.
  • Participants will contribute to building a diverse GPU grid and refining the setup process for new nodes.
  • Testing will involve a variety of NVIDIA GPUs and AI algorithms, creating an engaging and rewarding experience for participants.

🚀 Exciting Announcement: Phase 1 Specifications for Nosana's Incentivized Public GPU Test Grid 🚀

I'm thrilled to share that on December 1st, we're embarking on a groundbreaking journey with the launch of the first phase of Nosana's Incentivized Public GPU Test Grid. This marks a pivotal moment in harnessing the full potential of Nosana's GPU Grid.

🌐 About Phase 1: In this initial phase, we're focusing on building a robust and diverse GPU grid. Your participation is vital. We're aiming to incorporate early adopters, making this a unique opportunity for you to be at the forefront of AI development and contribute to refining our setup process for new nodes.

🔧 Hardware Support & Workloads: We're testing a wide array of NVIDIA GPUs, from the high-end 4090 to the versatile A6000 series. Your expertise will be invaluable in assessing our grid's capabilities across various tech setups. The tasks range from running Jupyter notebooks to exploring AI algorithms with tools like Stable Diffusion, Llama, and PyTorch, offering a diverse and engaging experience.

💰 Rewards for Your Contributions: Your efforts are not just appreciated – they're rewarded! Participants earn base rewards for connecting and completing benchmarking jobs. Completing jobs earns you immediate NOS rewards, with additional incentives for outstanding contributions and social media involvement.

🔗 Join Us in this AI Revolution: We're counting on your expertise and enthusiasm to drive this project forward. For more information and to be part of Phase 1, visit our Test Grid page (https://nosana.io/test-grid) when registration opens. Let's shape the future of AI together! Looking forward to collaborating with you on the grid. Let's make this a milestone in AI innovation!

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