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Article16 days ago

#010 DePIN Tokenomics 📊

Welcome back to the DePIN Hub Newsletter, your backstage pass to the awesome world of crypto utility. Before we landed on the term DePIN, we used to call this space TIPIN, short for token-incentivized physical infrastructure networks. 🪙 There are plenty of rabbit holes to dive down when it comes to tokenomics, so we’ll kick this topic off with an overview of some key aspects of DePIN token economies, and take a look at a few strategies that some notable projects have chosen to implement. Let'

Article24 days ago

#009 ETHDenver Wrap Up 🐳

Welcome back to the DePIN Hub Newsletter, the heartbeat of all things networked and decentralized. Hot on the heels of DePIN Denver (okay, ETHDenver…), the Hotspotty Team is back in the office, eager to report back to you. It was an awesome few days in Colorado, and we’ve got plenty of juicy insights to share 📢 In this issue 🏅 DePIN Hub Leaderboards 🚨 Special Offer: Aethir's Initial Node Offering! 📰 In The News 🐳 ETHDenver Wrap Up 🎙️ Podcast Updates 👋 Parting Words This issue is

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#008 How to Scale a DePIN Hobby to a $50K per Month Side Hustle👷‍♂️

Welcome back to the DePIN Hub Newsletter, THE place to be for DePIN insights and project updates. In the last issue we showcased some key DePIN devices paving the path forward to worldwide crypto adoption. Today we’re following up with a closer look at the people who purchase and install these devices: the DePIN deployers. Not corporations, or foundations, or large scale miners, just regular guys building their side hustle out into something meaningful. 🙋‍♂️ If being your own bos

Articleabout 2 months ago

Solving Last Mile Internet Connectivity with Wicrypt

Leverage DePIN to bridge the digital divide and become your own internet service provider

Articleabout 2 months ago

#007 - 5 DePIN Devices Bringing Crypto to Reality in the Year of the 🐉

Happy Year of the Dragon 🐉 and a Feliz Carnaval! 🎉🕺💃 Welcome back to the DePIN Hub Newsletter, your quick start guide to the world of decentralized infrastructure. It’s been 15 years since Satoshi dropped the whitepaper and we’re still waiting for that killer crypto use case. DeFi degens want to bring finance on-chain while Web3 gamers tell us GameFi is THE gateway. Here at DePIN Hub we see it differently. If crypto’s going to go mainstream, it needs to be universally appeali

Article3 months ago

#006 - Crypto Goes Green 🌱 Learn how DePIN is ushering in a cleaner future!

Welcome back to the DePIN Hub Newsletter, your unmissable read in the innovative world of crypto utility. It’s been another crazy few days in the crypto space, coming off the back of the spot Bitcoin ETF 'sell the news' event. But fear not DePIN lovers, no hexes were broken, no founders were harmed. DePIN builders continue to build, no matter which way the prices are going. And at DePIN Hub, we’re super excited to keep you informed on all the latest project news and industry insig

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Article3 months ago

Take Control of Your Data: Why Car Companies Shouldn't Be the Only Ones Profiting

Welcome to the software-defined era of automobiles, where your car is more than just a vehicle — it's a data center on wheels, with every journey rich in personal information. This shift in car technology isn't just about innovation; it's a growing concern, as car companies are not only crafting vehicles but also harvesting and monetizing our data. It's time to discuss not just the implications of this practice, but also how consumers can take back control and benefit from their own automotive d

Article3 months ago

#005 - Ten Ways to Start Earning in DePIN Today

To succeed in the next bull run 🐂, the time to start accumulating tokens is now, and DePIN is the easiest way that currently exists to do it! 🚀 We’ll introduce you to a few projects you can get involved with, using as little as your cell phone 📱

Article3 months ago

#004 - 2024: The Past and Future of DePIN

Welcome to the New Year’s edition of the DePIN Hub newsletter! As 2024 kicks off, we’re celebrating more than just a new year - we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of DePIN as we know it. The past 12 months have seen the birth and growth of this new sector in crypto, and things are only ramping up from here. So here’s a quick review of the first year of DePIN, followed by some trends we see unfolding in 2024: In this issue 🥇 DePIN Hub Leaderboards 🎉 Celebrating One Year of DePIN! 🎙️

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Need help getting started? Consider this the 'glossary' for your DePIN 101 text book.

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#003 - Introducing the DePIN Hub Website 🚀

A big week - the DePIN Hub website launches while Helium Mobile goes nationwide in the US!

Article5 months ago

#002 - The DePIN Hub Podcast Launches! 🚀

Welcome back to another issue of the DePIN Hub newsletter! 🚀 Lock in for this one, because this week saw a whole lot of action and we had to work to pack it all in. 🌪️ Drama in the TOR community and a big shakeup in the DePIN world… 🎙️ The first episode of the DePIN Hub podcast… 💻 A very DePIN Cyber Monday sale… 🌟 It’s a miracle we found room to cover a few projects on the side! This week is an even mix of big announcements and detailed write ups on a few passive income opportunities, so

Article5 months ago

#001 - DePIN Hub Newsletter - We've Officially Entered the Era of DePIN 🚀

Greetings, Hotspotty subscribers! Okay. We’re doing something big, and you are the first people on Earth to hear about it. For months, we’ve watched a new narrative growing in the blockchain community. Builders talk about it amongst themselves. We see it covered in more and more conferences, and insiders discuss it behind closed doors. Now we’re launching a new media project about it - the first in the world to deal exclusively with this subject.   That narrative is DePIN, and the project is 

Article5 months ago

Breakpoint 2023: Finding the Next Helium. Is DePIN the Key to Unlocking Mass Adoption of Web3?

Hotspotty's head of partnerships Michael Sothan presented the story of Hotspotty and DePIN at the Solana Breakpoint conference 2023 in Amsterdam. I promise you won't be disappointed!