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What is this network?

The Chirp DePIN project is revolutionizing telecommunications with a decentralized network for IoT, mobile, and broadband. Using community-owned "Blackbirds" and "Cardinals" antennas, it breaks from traditional models, empowering 'Keepers' to contribute and benefit from the network. Supporting 14 communication protocols, Chirp connects more devices than any other network. It integrates blockchain for security and AI for management, creating an ecosystem that enhances connectivity, security, and user control. Leveraging both licensed and unlicensed spectrums, Chirp DePIN is pioneering a globally accessible, interconnected future in telecom.

Any geographical restrictions?

Chirp DePIN stands out in global telecommunications by supporting various communication protocols, notably pioneering LoRa 2.4GHz. As the first public network to adopt this technology, Chirp eliminates geographical barriers, enabling worldwide operation without regional constraints. This ensures smooth functioning of connected devices anywhere. LoRa 2.4GHz's fast and robust data transfers greatly enhance IoT application performance. Chirp thus emerges as a versatile solution for the increasingly connected, borderless demands of modern telecom.

How can I mine tokens?

Chirp Miner

The Chirp Network rewards its Keepers for maintaining their gateway connections. To participate, you need a Blackbird, their first gateway model. This device acts as a crypto miner, validating data transfers on the network. Keepers earn $CHIRP tokens by keeping their Blackbird online, verified, and in its registered location. Rewards in the native token are given for providing network services and transferring data, with greater incentives for long-term participation.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Chirp Miner

To maximize rewards, it's best to mount the gateway at the highest point available, enhancing coverage and connectivity with nearby gateways. This increased visibility can boost your mining rewards. Consistent, uninterrupted connections are crucial for optimal mining; going offline can significantly reduce your reward coefficient. Additionally, a seniority rule protects your rewards from being impacted if you set up first, even if others later establish nearby gateways.

How can I use the network?

Chirp Miner

Chirp's DePIN Network provides strong connectivity for businesses with its Blackbird IoT gateway, connecting numerous devices. Its user-friendly, no-code IoT platform simplifies device integration. The network's mobile voice features ensure clear, scalable communication, essential for businesses. Moreover, Chirp's blockchain integration activates smart contracts using IoT data, boosting security and streamlining processes. This combination of accessible technology and sophisticated features positions the Chirp Network as an all-in-one solution for contemporary business connectivity.

Who governs this network?

The Chirp Network is led by telecom experts with extensive experience. Central to the network are the Network Keepers, who are key to expanding coverage by hosting long-range antennas on their properties or joining in community-owned antennas. As the network evolves towards decentralized governance, voting will be divided among three groups: Network Keepers with active Gateways (50% of the vote), Token Holders (30%), and Network Users (20%).


The Chirp Network features a strong tokenomics system with its native $CHIRP token, having a fixed supply and deflationary mechanisms. Mysten Labs, behind the Sui blockchain, are recent backers. Token emissions decrease annually, creating scarcity as the network grows. Tokens are distributed among stakeholders (Network Keepers, Investors, Advisors, Team, Token Treasury) with gradually reducing emissions for Network Keepers through proof-of-coverage. Over time, more emissions will reward data transfer, indicating greater network usage and fostering a healthier economy.

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