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What is this network?

The network in question is enviroBLOQ, a MachineFi DApp that connects smart home devices to the IoTeX blockchain. It compiles data from these devices into a comprehensible dashboard for homeowner analysis and third-party utilization. The aim of enviroBLOQ is to extract data from as many points around the common smart home as possible, including but not limited to energy usage, temperature, humidity, and air quality. All this data is collected, analyzed, and verified by the IoTeX blockchain to ensure accuracy and trust before being packaged for third-party utilization.

How can I mine tokens?

Mining tokens on the enviroBLOQ network involves providing real-world data. Users can earn 10 $IOTX Tokens per Pebble Miner every day by staking with eBLOQ Real-World Data for Proof of Efficiency. The process of mining is similar to that of other blockchain networks, where miners solve complex computational problems to validate transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. However, the specific details of mining on the enviroBLOQ network are not explicitly mentioned in the search results.

How can I use the network?

Users can use the enviroBLOQ network by connecting their smart home devices to the IoTeX blockchain. The data from these devices is then compiled into a comprehensible dashboard for homeowner analysis. Homeowners can see the full picture of their home’s energy efficiencies and make more educated decisions regarding utility usage and future upgrades to the property. They can also gain insight into their home’s efficiency against their neighbors and highlight potential areas for improvement.


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