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What is this network?

WeaveDB is a decentralized NoSQL database that operates as a smart contract on the Arweave network. It provides a scalable database solution, allowing organizations to easily scale out their database as their data and traffic grow. The platform is designed to minimize latency and ensure fast and responsive database operations, even at scale. WeaveDB provides a wide range of tools needed by developers to build a fully decentralized application.

How can I mine tokens?

While specific details about mining tokens on WeaveDB are not directly available, it's important to note that WeaveDB operates on the Arweave network. Mining on Arweave involves storing data in the system. The most efficient miners in the Arweave network combine hard drive space, bandwidth, and computational power. The hashing algorithm used underneath the proof of access mechanism in Arweave is RandomX, for which the CPU is the most efficient miner currently available.

Any geographical restrictions?

There are no specific geographical restrictions mentioned for using WeaveDB. However, it's worth noting that efficiency can be affected for users in different geographic regions when pulling data. For example, if a user in Asia wants to download a large amount of data, but only the node in North America has this data, the user needs to download it from the node in North America.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

To optimize mining rewards, a miner must choose its network connections carefully, ensuring existence of paths to other miners that are on average of a lower latency compared to paths between other miners. Hard drive space will become an increasingly important part of the mining process as more data is stored in the system. However, the most efficient miners in the Arweave network will combine all three categories: hard drive space, bandwidth, and computational power.

How can I use the network?

WeaveDB can be used to build a wide range of decentralized applications. It provides a wide range of tools needed by developers to build a fully decentralized application. It has been used for innovative applications, including decentralized social networks, NFT Marketplaces, and metaverses. WeaveDB focuses on API compatibility with Web2 databases, simplifying the migration process for businesses.

Who governs this network?

The governance details of WeaveDB are not explicitly mentioned in the search results. However, as a decentralized database system, it is likely that the network is governed by the community of its users and developers, in line with the principles of decentralization.


WeaveDB has received funding in a pre-seed round amounting to $900k.

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