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What is this network?

Acurast is the serverless decentralized cloud where everyone can become part of the cloud with their new, old, or even mobile phones with a smashed screen by providing compute power and earning rewards. Giving developers complete permisionless access to compute that is trustless, affordable and confidential for deploying their applications.

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How can I mine tokens?

You only need one or multiple mobile phones that you want to dedicate as Acurast Processors. Go to the Acurast Console (console.acurast.com), signup with your wallet, take your factory-reset device, scan a QR code, and within 3 the devices is onboarded. It’s that easy! Get started with one of our 500+ recommended devices.

Any geographical restrictions?

There are no geographical restrictions for providing compute in Acurast’s decentralized cloud. Everyone across the world is welcome to join.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Get started as a Acurast Processor, earn rewards through the Processor Bootstrapping Program by keeping your device up and running. In addition, developers will reward you, if they use your provided compute power. The more devices you run, the more compute you provide, the more rewards you can earn.

How can I use the network?

Developers can easily deploy their applications through the Acurast Console. Applications that are capable of interacting with other Web3 ecosystems and provide full confidentiality.

Who governs this network?

Acurast’s mainnet to be launched later in 2024, will be governed by the Acurast community and token holders.


Acurast has closed a Seed funding round in 2023, and received grants from multiple Foundations.


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