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What is this network?

The Bacalhau Project is a network that aims to streamline large-scale data processing. It is designed to help the scientific community by processing big data on Filecoin nodes quickly and efficiently. The project complements Koii’s Task Nodes with increased performance for high-throughput tasks. Bacalhau also offers a platform for building, running, and deploying a DApp with your own Text-to-Image script to mint AI-generated art NFTs on FVM Hyperspace Testnet.

How can I use the network?

To use the Bacalhau network, you need to submit a Bacalhau job, specifying the internet locations to download data from and write results to. Both Docker and WebAssembly jobs support these features. When running Bacalhau jobs, you can specify as many CIDs or URLs as needed using --input which is accepted by both bacalhau docker run and bacalhau wasm run.

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