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What is this network?

The dTelecom network is a decentralized Real-Time Communication (RTC) that allows anyone to contribute spare bandwidth power and earn rewards through the $DTEL token. It provides affordable and efficient RTC resources for adding audio/video/chat solutions to customers' apps without the overhead of traditional in-house and cloud solutions. The Arbitrum blockchain powers the network.

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How can I mine tokens?

You can earn $DTEL tokens by becoming a dTelecom node and allowing the network to utilize your server's bandwidth. Anyone with a server that meets the network's requirements can contribute to ensuring the privacy, reliability, and scalability of the RTC infrastructure and get paid for it.

Any geographical restrictions?

Decentralization is about the absence of geographical restrictions. People worldwide need real-time communication solutions, such as live streaming, audio/video calls, and text messaging. Our goal is to locate nodes closer to the end user to reduce latency.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

As a node operator of RTC bandwidth resources, you can optimize your rewards by:

  • Guaranteeing optimal uptime for your equipment;
  • Confirming that your server adheres to the necessary minimum standards;
  • Maintaining a stable and fast internet connection (1 Gbps);
  • Frequently updating your software.

How can I use the network?

You can engage with the dTelecom network in several ways:

  • As a customer, access cost-effective RTC bandwidth to create high-quality audio/video applications;
  • As a node operator, earn rewards by contributing your server's resources;
  • As a developer, receive rewards for integrating dTelecom solutions into customer apps;
  • As a partner, gain rewards by recommending dTelecom solutions.

The network offers APIs and tools to rapidly develop and deploy multi-user applications featuring streaming audio and video without the need to manage infrastructure.

Who governs this network?

The dTelecom Network is designed to be decentralized, and governance decisions are made through a consensus-based process involving the community of participants. DTEL LABS Ltd develops the project. The community actively participates in shaping the network's future development and making decisions through discussions, proposals, and voting...

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