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What is this network?

Entheos Network is a decentralized energy platform that aims to drive local energy independence on a global scale. The network is built around the concept of smart batteries, which are software-embedded batteries that can store and release energy based on intelligent technology. These smart batteries are seen as a solution to the unpredictability of renewable power sources like solar and wind, which are highly dependent on weather conditions. Entheos Network is developing a modern operating system for these batteries, aiming to optimize their performance based on consumption patterns, electricity prices in the grid, and the capacity of the battery.

How can I use the network?

Users can participate in the Entheos Network by investing in its smart battery assets through tokenization. This involves purchasing Entheos tokens, which represent a stake in the network's portfolio of smart battery assets. The network's partnership with Plural Energy, a renewable energy tokenization platform, enables this process. Investors who purchase the tokens can also track the performance of the assets they have invested in.


Entheos Network has partnered with Plural Energy to use tokenization to fund smart batteries. This involves issuing tokens that represent a stake in the network's portfolio of smart battery assets, which investors can purchase. The funds raised from this process are then used to finance the development and operation of the smart batteries.

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