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What is this network?

Founded in 2015, Hivemapper was initially a mapping software that incorporated LiDAR and other imaging technology to create state of the art maps. In 2022, Hivemapper rebranded and introduced the Hivemapper Network which created a decentralized mapping network that allows contributors to use specifically designed dashcams to collect high-quality street-level imagery during their drives. This image capture is incentivized through the $HONEY token distributed to contributors ($HONEY is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain). The images captured by users of the network are then used to create a global map that can be accessed by businesses and organizations through Hivemapper Inc.'s Map Image API.

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How can I mine $HONEY tokens?

Contributors can earn $HONEY by performing various activities such as collecting quality imagery using a dashcam supported device for map coverage, validating the quality of collected imagery for map coverage quality assurance, providing annotations or annotation corrections for map annotation, and providing resources for operating the network infrastructure and validating quality signals for map processing and validation. Initially, the largest amount of $HONEY will be allocated towards Map Coverage, which earns 90% of rewards minted. However, as the map matures over time, token rewards are expected to shift towards quality assurance and map annotation. The exact number of $HONEY tokens minted as contributor rewards each week will depend on the Global Map Progress.

hivemapper explorer

Getting involved with the digital imagery that currently rewards the highest percentage of $HONEY is as simple as having a car and purchasing one of their dashcams here. All that is necessary for the initial set up is provided upon delivery and the only additional piece of tech necessary is a functioning iPhone or Android that has network connectivity and an up to date version of the Hivemapper app.

Any geographical restrictions?

There are no geographical restrictions on generating digital imagery on Hivemapper. Their intent is to build a truly decentralized global map. There are certain countries that have regulations and guidelines that require legal placards to be placed on your car while you capture images, however these can be easily downloaded from the Hivemapper website

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

The main way to optimize your mining rewards is to ensure clear and reliable digital imagery that will pass Hivemapper’s quality assurance requirements. One way to assist you in ensuring this is to perfect the angle of the dashcam. You will want to make sure to limit the view of your car’s hood and interior and show as much as the street and other surroundings without pointing too high into the sky. Hivemapper provides a very helpful guide in their documentation to help set this angle up here.

It's also important to note that imagery cannot be taken one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. While it may be possible to submit imagery during inclement weather, submitting imagery with low visibility may cause submissions to be rejected during quality assurance.

Detailed information regarding token rewards can be found here

How can I use the network?

Using the network can be done by purchasing map credits from Hivemapper Incorporated for any of your mapping needs. The current system is based on the H3 L12 grid that is used on the Hivemapper explorer and costs $0.02 per credit or $1 for 50 credits. Taking the city of Miami as an example, a map that covers all 42,847 km of the city’s roads would cost you $42,847. For more information take a look at their pricing sheet here or email Hivemapper Incorporated directly.

Who governs this network?

Currently a large portion of the network’s governance is still in the control of Hivemapper Incorporated. The plan however is to over time delegate most of the responsibilities to the established Hivemapper Foundation. Some of these responsibilities include facilitating the token protocol, map processing, devices, data collection, map storage, as well as polishing the system for the anticipated Map Improvement Proposals. With this goal in mind, Hivemapper Incorporated will solely be involved with building map API products and selling them to customers.

At the moment the best way to get involved with key decisions is to voice your opinion on the Hivemapper discord and become an active and present contributor.


  • $3,000,000 was raised in the Seed Round on Nov 2015
  • $18,000,000 was raised in the Series A Round on April 2022

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