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What is this network?

io.net is a decentralized network that aggregates GPUs from data centers, crypto miners, and decentralized storage providers to offer cost-efficient GPU computing power for AI/ML teams. It allows users to leverage spare GPU capacity to run parallel training, hyperparameter tuning, inference, and other workloads across a distributed network of devices.

How can I mine tokens?

io.net has a dual native token system consisting of $IO and $IOSD. $IOSD tokens are earned by providers for maintaining uptime and executing workloads on the network. There is no public information available yet on how to mine $IO tokens.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

As a provider of GPU computing resources, you can optimize rewards by:

  • Ensuring maximum uptime for your devices
  • Making sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements
  • Having a reliable high-speed internet connection
  • Regularly updating your software and drivers
  • Joining a mining pool to smooth out reward variability

How can I use the network?

As an ML engineer or data scientist, you can use io.net to run distributed workloads by:

  • Creating an account and accessing the network
  • Containerizing your models/code
  • Configuring and deploying your jobs across the GPU cluster
  • Monitoring progress and retrieving results

The network handles orchestration, scheduling, scaling, and other complexities behind the scenes.

Who governs this network?

io.net is developed by Anthropic, a San Francisco-based AI safety company. The network will likely be governed in a decentralized manner through the $IO governance token, but details are still emerging.


No funding details are available.

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