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What is this network?

The Safe Network is a decentralized platform that provides a secure way to access applications that prioritize data security. It uses advanced peer-to-peer technology, utilizing the spare computing capacity of its users to create a global network. The network is made up of the unused hard drive space, processing power, and data connection of its users. It offers a level of security and privacy not currently available on the existing Internet, putting users in control of their data, rather than trusting it to organizations.

How can I mine tokens?

In the context of the Safe Network, the process of providing resources and receiving Safe Network Tokens in return is known as 'Farming'. Users who join the network by contributing their computing resources, such as storage space, CPU, bandwidth, and online time, are known as 'Farmers'. These resources enable the encrypted chunks of network data to be stored and retrieved from their computer. The Safe Network autonomously pays out Tokens to Farmers.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Optimizing mining rewards in the Safe Network, or 'Farming', is largely dependent on the resources a user contributes to the network. The more resources (storage space, CPU, bandwidth, and online time) a user provides, the more Safe Network Tokens they can earn. It's also worth noting that application developers, known as 'Builders', can earn tokens depending on how much their applications are used.

How can I use the network?

Users can use the Safe Network by downloading the free Safe software, which provides access to various services such as messaging, apps, email, social networks, data storage, video conferencing, and more. Users have full control over their data, and the distributed security features make data safer than ever before. Users can also earn Safe Network Tokens by contributing their spare computing resources to the network.

Who governs this network?

The Safe Network is governed by its users, specifically through the programs known as 'Nodes' that run on their devices and connect them to the network. These Nodes collectively manage the storage of all data on the network by managing the movement of chunks of encrypted user data that are stored across the network. No central authority oversees the proceedings, and the network operates autonomously.


The Safe Network has been funded through various means. Early investors who backed the network development in the early days have been allocated 5% of the total Safe Network Tokens. A further 10% was sold to crowdsale participants in early 2014, who received MaidSafeCoin, a blockchain-based token that will be exchanged for Safe Network Tokens on a one-for-one ratio when the Network launches.

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