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Purpose and Concept of the Network

MetaBlox Network is a Web3 project that aims to build a global Open-Roaming WiFi Network in a decentralized manner. The project's DID-based authentication system pushes for Open-Roaming WiFi Network growth. By generating a decentralized ID (DID) on the MetaBlox Network app, users can establish seamless Open-Roaming between different networks, adhering to WBA standards. The network users can seamlessly switch between MetaBlox WiFi nodes and any of the other million+ nodes in WBA's OpenRoaming alliance. The project's advanced decentralized deployment model uses rewards-based incentivization to grow the MetaBlox network.

Mining Tokens within the Network

Users can mine tokens within the MetaBlox network by hosting a miner-router. These routers, also known as MetaBlox miners, provide access to MetaBlox’s OpenRoaming WiFi network and issue mPoints as they establish connections for users. These points will become stakeable for MBLX tokens after MetaBlox’s IDO. There are two options to earn mPoints by hosting a miner-router:

  1. By purchasing a MetaBlox miner: these specialized routers provide a premium, publicly accessible, and OpenRoaming-integrated WiFi network while mining mPoints.
  2. By adding your own router’s network to MetaBlox OpenRoaming through the MetaBlox app. Mining yields depend on your WiFi network’s strength, as well as how frequently it establishes new connections for users.

Strategies to Optimize Mining Rewards

To optimize mining rewards, users can strategically place their MetaBlox miners in high-traffic areas. Since the miners issue MBLX tokens as they establish WiFi connections, the more connections they establish, the more tokens they issue. Therefore, the busiest locations for WiFi connections are the most lucrative ones to host a MetaBlox crypto miner. Some suggested locations include busy public spaces, public buildings, malls, movie theaters, and airports.

Use of the Network for Various Purposes

In addition to mining opportunities, MetaBlox offers businesses hosting the router-miners powerful solutions for boosting traffic and retaining customers. For instance, businesses can offer better WiFi access to their customers, attracting more visitors and retaining existing ones. Business hosts are also able to present users with custom WiFi landing pages that can be presented periodically, providing them with an extra promotional channel.

Governing Entities or Organizations

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), which hosts the Wireless Global Congress, is an association of wireless networking and telecom companies dedicated to addressing issues and opportunities related to new WiFi technologies. WBA's key programs include interoperability, policy and regulatory affairs, 5G, IoT, and next-generation WiFi standards that will enable the creation of one global Open-Roaming network.

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