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What is this network?

Mysterium Network is an open-source ecosystem of protocols, tools, and infrastructure designed to liberate the web. It brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and projects to make the internet blind to borders. The network provides censorship-resistant infrastructure for the next generation of web applications. It empowers both builders and users to access free information. Mysterium's exit node network is tamper-proof, anonymous, and encrypted, offering superior usability, stability, and speed. The network is powered by a permissionless peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace where tens of thousands of nodes earn daily by sharing their IP address, providing a secure line of communication and access to the open internet.

How can I mine tokens?

In the Mysterium Network, tokens are earned rather than mined. Node runners within Mysterium's network earn MYST tokens when they provide a VPN and proxy service to users. You can run Mysterium's node software on several platforms and devices, such as a computer, which help power and maintain the distributed network. Running a Mysterium Node will make your IP discoverable, and rentable by internet users worldwide. Most of the internet you pay for goes to waste, sitting idle or completely unused. Peers within a distributed network like Mysterium's can easily share these excess internet resources with each other, such as storage, computing power, bandwidth, and IP addresses.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

To optimize your earnings in the Mysterium Network, you can stake your earned MYST tokens in the Mysterium Delegation Pool. This allows you to earn additional MYST tokens as rewards. The MYST Rental Pool on the IQ Protocol allows MYST holders to rent out their tokens to users and earn rental fees in the form of MYST.

How can I use the network?

Mysterium Network can be used in several ways. As a user, you can use the Mysterium VPN to access the internet safely, privately, and anonymously. The VPN reroutes your internet activity, not through servers, but nodes offered up by community members. This makes it much harder for connections to be discovered and shut down. You can also use the network to bypass all geo-blocks and regional restrictions by connecting with one of the 5000+ servers across 100 countries. As a node runner, you can earn MYST tokens by providing a VPN and proxy service to users.

Who governs this network?

Mysterium Network was founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs and developers who envisioned a future where users all over the world could access information freely. The network is a breeding ground for digital privacy and open web innovation. It is powered by a grassroots global node network and invites technologists around the world to build with them.

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