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What is this network?

The MASQ Network is a decentralized mesh-VPN (dMeshVPN), browser, web3 Store, protocol, and earning ecosystem that provides a private and anonymous web3 browsing experience. It is built on a peer-to-peer mesh network, allowing users to browse content that may be geo-blocked or censored in their region. The network also offers the ability to earn cryptocurrency by supporting the peer network. The more the network grows, the stronger and more powerful the browsing experience becomes, promoting borderless internet freedom worldwide.

How can I mine tokens?

Users can earn MASQ tokens by sharing their internet bandwidth with peers across the MASQ Network. This process is referred to as serving, and those who serve content to other nodes earn MASQ tokens as compensation for their services. The MASQ software is designed to reward users supporting the network with their bandwidth. However, it's important to note that the software is currently running on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, so it uses tMASQ test tokens which have no value.

Any geographical restrictions?

The MASQ Network is designed to overcome geographical restrictions. It allows users to connect with 4-5 others and route traffic between themselves dynamically to complete each other's data requests. This is different from traditional VPNs, which only establish connections with another single computer through a secure tunnel network. The data packets are transmitted through the network while maintaining utmost privacy and anonymity along the entire route. These hops are integral to allowing a user to retrieve content that is not available in their geolocation, but is readily served in a distant Node's region.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Optimizing mining rewards in a network generally involves choosing network connections carefully, ensuring existence of paths to other miners that are on average of a lower latency compared to paths between other miners. However, specific strategies for optimizing mining rewards on the MASQ Network are not explicitly mentioned in the search results.

How can I use the network?

Users can use the MASQ Network by installing the MASQ web3 browser software. After installation, users are guided through an initial setup to connect to the MASQ Network within minutes. By sharing their bandwidth, users support the privacy routing for other users and earn MASQ utility tokens from peer requests across the MASQ Network. Users can also adjust content filtering to ensure that they are using family-friendly and safe DNS services such as Cloudflare Family.

Who governs this network?

The MASQ Protocol core team governs the network. However, they emphasize decentralization as much as possible. Most of the further utility functions will have a primary focus on being permissionless and open-access. This means that regardless of who or where the user is accessing the MASQ Protocol and ecosystem, they will simply need to prove ownership of their utility tokens to access the various utility aspects that exist in the MASQ ecosystem.


The MASQ Network is funded through the MASQ utility token. The MASQ utility token plays a critical role as the transfer mechanism which incentivizes users to share their bandwidth to other peer users across the worldwide mesh network. The MASQ utility token value is not linked directly to the protocol core functionality of the mesh network itself - the perceived value of MASQ utility tokens could approach or reach zero while the utility token still independently satisfies its purpose as the protocol mechanism that powers the peer-to-peer mesh network data transport.

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