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What is this network?

Spexigon is a unique platform that rewards drone pilots with cryptocurrency for collecting high-resolution Earth imagery. The platform enables anyone with a compatible drone to contribute by producing high-resolution Earth imagery that organizations can use to manage assets like buildings, public works, natural resources, and infrastructure. The imagery collected is then sold to organizations in industries where decisions need to be made about real-world assets and infrastructure.

How can I mine tokens?

To mine tokens on the Spexigon network, you need to be a drone pilot. Using the Spexigon app, you can see a map of your area and open zones where you can fly to earn rewards. These zones are called Spexigons. The imagery you collect will enable better decision-making by organizations everywhere. Initially, pilots will earn points for capturing imagery using the Spexigon app. In time, these points will be capable of being used on the platform for a variety of purposes. Spexigon is currently considering adopting a rewards-based model where pilots might earn tokens that would be redeemable or used as consideration for goods and services offered on the Spexigon platform in the future.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Your reward earning potential on the Spexigon network will depend on the time you have to fly Spexigons, the number of open Spexigons in your area, and how often the platform needs those Spexigons to be flown. Each Spexigon contains flight plan information that the drones use (combined with the Spexigon mobile app) to ensure they are flying at the correct height, speed, and location to capture the best imagery possible.

How can I use the network?

To use the Spexigon network, you need to be a drone pilot. You can create a personal account on the Spexigon app, head outside, capture imagery, and start earning rewards. When the Spexigon app testnet launches, pilots will be able to earn Reputation Points for collecting and uploading imagery to the platform. In time, these points will be capable of being used on the platform for a variety of purposes. Once the platform moves to mainnet, it is intended that users will continue to earn Reputation Points in addition to also earning $SPEXI tokens.

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