World Mobile

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What is this network?

World Mobile is a platform that aims to deliver universal, affordable, high-quality connectivity to under-connected communities across the world. The network is built on blockchain technology, renewable energy, and a sharing economy model. It uses a combination of existing infrastructure and alternative technology solutions to serve users. For example, in some areas, it has tapped into "TV white space" to send and receive data via unused television broadcast spectrums. In others, it has adapted SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service for mobile customer use.

Who governs this network?

World Mobile platform was founded by Micky Watkins in 2018. However, the network operates on a decentralized model, meaning that it is governed by its community of users and participants. Users can opt to become network operators or contribute to the network in other ways, and they are rewarded with the World Mobile Token (WMT) for their contributions. The responsibility of securing the network lies with stakers and node operators.

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