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What is this network?

Kanda Weather network, which is a project aimed at collecting weather data to make localized forecasts for nearly any region on Earth. The project is particularly focused on addressing the long-standing problem of sparse weather observations across much of the developing world. The Kanda Weather network uses weather balloons to collect data, which is then used to make localized rain and air quality forecasts based on the observed instability, humidity, and wind shear.

How can I use the network?

The Kanda Weather network is primarily used for collecting and providing weather data. This data can be used to make localized forecasts for nearly any region on Earth, particularly in areas where weather data is sparse. The data collected by the network can be used for various research purposes.

Who governs this network?

The Kanda Weather network is governed by the Kanda Weather Group LLC, which is incorporated in Kansas City, Missouri. The group is a team of engineers and entrepreneurs from the Telokanda network.


The Kanda Weather Group LLC received an investment in 2020 from GoodBlock in the form of TLOS tokens worth about $3,000 at the time. These funds are used solely for the Kanda Weather Balloon radiosonde project. The project also received funding to support their work from the Telos work proposal system.

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