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What is this network?

The Skeye Platform serves as a virtual meeting ground where observers can come together to share their findings, experiences, and insights. It provides a space for lively discussions and debates over the images and videos captured and uploaded by the community of Skeye Camera operators. These individuals, driven by curiosity and a passion for the skies, will collectively contribute to an ever-expanding repository of sky-related information. By crowdsourcing data analysis, we tap into a diverse range of expertise, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of celestial phenomena. Participation will provide token rewards, with the level of engagement and discussion dictating the level of rewards.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Participation on the platform, such as image capture uploads and advancing the discourse will provide users with token rewards, with the level of engagement and discussion dictating the level of rewards.

Investors who hold the native Skeye token stand to earn passive income, as they receive a portion of the revenue generated from Skeye Camera sales, distributed in the form of USDC. This setup provides token holders with the opportunity to enjoy substantial, direct dividends, with the magnitude of these earnings directly proportional to the size of their token holdings.


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