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What is this network?

The Gaimin network is a PC-based platform that creates a global decentralized data processing network. It allows users to contribute spare or unused computing power from their gaming PCs, which is then monetized, for example, by dedicating this "hashpower" to blockchain powering. Users are rewarded with $GMRX, Gaimin's native cryptocurrency, for their participation in the distributed data processing network.

How can I mine tokens?

Users can mine tokens by downloading and installing the Gaimin platform, which connects to the "powering network" and allows them to contribute spare or unused computing power from their gaming PCs. This computing power is then monetized, and users are rewarded with GMRX tokens for their participation.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

To optimize mining rewards, users can ensure that they have the ideal computing resources, such as powerful gaming PCs, and that they are actively contributing spare or unused computing power to the Gaimin network. Additionally, users can refer friends to the platform using their custom referral link to earn additional rewards.

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