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What is this network?

DeNet is a unique, self-contained decentralized storage protocol. Launched in 2017, DeNet offers an opportunity to utilize spare storage capacities all over the globe eliminating the need for centralized data centers. By leveraging blockchain technology and the core principles of Web3, the DeNet Storage Protocol offers a mutually beneficial solution for all network participants, restoring the data ownership for users. The services built on DeNet Storage Protocol have earned the trust of tens of thousands of users, including the largest Web3 storage mobile app – DeNet Storage.

How can I mine tokens?

In the DeNet network, Datakeepers provide storage space for users to store their data and receive tokens for their contribution. You have the ability to set up your own DeNet Node on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Users' files are replicated across multiple nodes and each file is encrypted for privacy. The Proof-of-Storage algorithm enables nodes to request payment through a smart contract. Once the proof is accepted, the user is charged for the storage service, and the Datakeeper receives the payment. To earn, ensure your node is online and meets the requirements:

  • A public and static IP address;
  • A minimum of 0.1 Polygon MATIC for sending proofs;
  • 1GiB of RAM;
  • Stable internet connection;
  • Free disk space of over 512 GiB.

Any geographical restrictions?

The DeNet Storage Protocol has no specific geographical restrictions, allowing anyone to participate. The protocol is designed to offer a decentralized and easily accessible data storage solution worldwide.

How can I optimize my mining rewards?

Optimize your node earnings with these tips:

  • Increase provided disk space;
  • Join the Store&Earn program;
  • Ensure your node is online and meets all requirements;
  • Stay updated with the latest news by joining the Discord community;
  • Participate in the DeNet Consensus to influence protocol parameters.

How can I use the network?

There are numerous ways to utilize the DeNet Storage Protocol. One option is to install the DeNet Storage mobile app, which is constructed on the protocol, to securely store your data in a decentralized and private manner. Alternatively, you can become a Datakeeper and earn income by renting out your storage space. Many other use cases of the implementation by various developers are also being explored simultaneously.

Who governs this network?

The DeNet Storage Protocol is governed by DeNet Consensus. Consensus members, including developers, Datakeepers and users, have a direct interest in the success of DeNet. Their prosperity depends on the protocol's implementation and popularity. The governance process is carried out with a combination of real-time on-chain voting and off-chain decision-making. This approach ensures that all members of Consensus reach an agreement before any proposals are implemented.


The Spartan Group, Shima Capital, NGC Ventures, 1inch, Axia8 Ventures, GBIC, RBC, Nalu Capital, Parsiq, Mr.Block.

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